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AIEJ’s training, online courses, and workshops offer a path to institute an Emotional Justice (EJ) framework within your world, your organization, institution, corporation. The EJ framework focuses on transformational organizational cultures. 


We have these specific aims:


  • To transform the foundation of Equity Diversity and Inclusion with an Emotional Justice framework that uses bespoke training via our Emotional Justice Truth and Accountability Sessions.


  • To offer a better understanding of Emotional Justice, its phrases, its foundation and its connection to the future we are charged to create.


  • To offer Institutions, Organizations and Corporations access to engage an Emotional Justice framework as part of organizational cultural reform


  • To offer the world of Education - in the Academy, High School/Secondary School Emotional Justice as a framework for organizational cultural reform 

AIEJ offers:-





Our focus is:-

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (D&I) training

  • Study Abroad to Africa Training Pre-Departure and Post Return

  • Emotional Justice Curricula

AIEJ targets:-

  • Academic institutions and academic faculty

  • Study abroad to Africa programs

  • Arts, technology and justice institutions

  • NGOs 

  • Diplomatic Corps

  • Corporations with D,E&I policy




The Emotional Justice E-Learning Module Series is a creative curricula intervention. It is an ecosystem designed to implement the Emotional Justice framework within systems that impact, impede, and influence the thriving of global black people. It has two audiences the general public via the creative journal, and a targeted audience via the E-Learning module content.


This intention of the creative curricula intervention is:-


  • to inform and expand knowledge of those implementing these systems

  • to center healing and thriving of global black peoples

  • to shape structural change

  • to dismantle systemic injustices 

  • to reimagine pathways to progress


The EJ E-Learning Series creates strategic partnerships to scale our creative curricula in sectors, systems and industries.



  a) Introduction to Emotional Justice

  b) Survivors

  c) Social-Emotional Learning

  d) Africa’s New Economy

  e) Circle of Willingness

Our training occurs in three geographical spaces.






AIEJ has developed bespoke training for each geographic region.


The legacy of colonialism shapes Ghana’s relationship via Gender, the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Diplomacy – so these are the spaces within which we create and conduct our Training programmes.



The UK’s relationship to race and racism is rooted in denial; of its extent, its systemic nature the illusion of inclusion, and  making comparisons to the US. As a result, training regarding race and racism requires additional particular care and sensitivity. EJ UK is for the Healthcare sector, Media, and the Academy.



The US’s history of overt activism on issues of race and racism means creating training is specifically about race and gender. These tools are created with this history of activism, call out culture and consistent demand for substantive strategic change.


An Introduction to Emotional Justice

2-week E Learning course

4 hours per week.


This course introduces you to Emotional Justice.

Learn the 4 Elements that comprise Emotional Justice

Explore and engage what they mean, how to apply them, why they were created and its transformative approach to our world.


Creative and interactive assignments.

Receive EJ materials: text, video, podcast


An Introduction to Emotional Justice 2-week E-Learning course begins: August 24th 2020

Email: aiejfuture@gmail to sign up.  


Emotional Justice Truth & Accountability Sessions - 

 3-Day Workshop

plus 3/6/9/12 month AIEJ support

This is AIEJ’s flagship, bespoke training for the world of Diversity & Inclusion.


Forging the future with equity and empathy, EJ TAS offers the world of Diversity & Inclusion, an Emotional Justice framework for organizational reform and healing due to pandemic, police brutality and protest. This is the path to substantive, systemic change. 

We use the Emotional Justice framework and apply it uniquely to your organization, department, sector, institution and together build a path towards organizational reform.

EJ TAS is an evolution from the Truth and Reconciliation foundation that dealt with systemic racism and healing. In a global movement of uprising and collective consciousness, what is required is deeper substantive change, organisational reform and healing. The path to equity requires truth and accountability within an Emotional Justice framework. From Africa's nations and the reckoning with colonialism's legacy, to corporations boardrooms, to the diversity and inclusion sector, to academic and arts institutions, to justice movements, the future of substantive, sustainable change, reform and healing is Emotional Justice. 



Emotional Justice Truth & Accountability Sessions: 

The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice (AIEJ) is partnering with The CRAFT Institute within the world of theater. AIEJ will deliver the Emotional Justice Truth & Accountability Sessions and CRAFT will provide CONSULTATION, COACHING, WORKSHOPS that help solidify cultural transformation of organizations participating in the AIEJ 3-Day workshop.


The CRAFT Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming formal training and industry practices to create a culturally inclusive ecosystem throughout the world of arts and entertainment. It is the convener of The International Black Theatre Summit. 


Dr. Monica White Ndounou is the Founding Executive Director of The CRAFT Institute. Dr. Ndounou is an Associate Professor of Theater and affiliate faculty in African and African American Studies and Film and Media Studies at Dartmouth College.





Circle of Willingness - Emotional Justice C.I.A

A 2-week E-learning course +

A 3 Day EJ TAS


Are you a white forward-thinking, progressive person? Are you - or is your organization or group, or the leadership of your organization or group - exploring how specifically to contribute, what to do due to pandemic, police brutality, protests against state-sanctioned violence and the collective global call for substantive change, and the dismantling of systemic injustices? The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice (AIEJ) offers a 2 week E-Learning course, and the 3-Day Emotional Justice Truth & Accountability Sessions has a path, a process and a practice of Emotional Justice to answer this question.


Circle of Willingness: EJ CIA + EJ TAS  – August 31st


Emotional Justice Healthcare Cultural Competency

2 week E-learning  Course & Workshop

Week 1 – 4 hours

Week 2 – 3 Day Workshop


Systemic racism in the UK’s healthcare system is being scrutinized, and change is being strategized. There is a call for substantive change. Emotional Justice is crucial as part of cultural competency to inject equity and empathy into the national structure and institutional practice. The Emotional Justice Healthcare Cultural Competency Sessions answers that call. 


Competency Emotional Justice in Media 

Diversity & Inclusion

Truth & Accountability Sessions

Truth & Accountability Sessions


The UK's media's lens needs to turn inward, centre the experiences and concerns of Black and brown staff; and transform a culture that contradicts its progressive and admirable diversity policy. 

This 3-Day workshop engages creative, interactive and innovative tools to highlight the contradiction between policy and commitment versus the working experience of black and. brown staff in media houses as part of a path to build deeper equity and empathy, and make the substantive change this global movement requires


Cultural Diversity 

Emotional Justice Truth & Accountability Sessions

3-Day Workshop


In Ghana, it is culture that often separates, creating struggle. Cultural practice as well as race plays a role in how culture is formed and practiced. 


This 3-Day workshop explores culture through multiple lenses. It creates a more harmonious work-place of equity and empathy. Our particular focus is: Diplomacy and International NGOs

Email: for more information.  

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