Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Study Abroad, EJ Curricula

Our flagship training is: THE EMOTIONAL JUSTICE TRUTH & ACCOUNTABILITY SESSIONS and EMOTIONAL JUSTICE E-LEARNING MODULES. It is bespoke training that has been researched and developed and is adapted for organization and region.


We have these specific aims:


  • To transform the foundation of Equity Diversity and Inclusion with an Emotional Justice framework that uses bespoke training via our Emotional Justice Truth and Accountability Sessions.


  • To offer a better understanding of Emotional Justice, its phrases, its foundation and its connection to the future we are charged to create.


  • To offer Institutions, Organizations and Corporations access to engage an Emotional Justice framework as part of organizational cultural reform


  • To offer the world of Education - in the Academy, High School/Secondary School Emotional Justice as a framework for organizational cultural reform 

AIEJ targets:-

  • Academic institutions and academic faculty

  • Study abroad to Africa programs

  • Arts, technology and justice institutions

  • NGOs 

  • Diplomatic Corps

  • Corporations with D,E&I policy



The Emotional Justice E-Learning Module Series is a creative curricula intervention. It is an ecosystem designed to implement the Emotional Justice framework within systems that impact, impede, and influence the thriving of global black people.


  • to inform and expand knowledge of those implementing these systems

  • to center healing and thriving of global black peoples

  • to shape structural change

  • to dismantle systemic injustices 

  • to reimagine pathways to progress


The EJ E-Learning Series creates strategic partnerships to scale our creative curricula in sectors, systems and industries.

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Emotional Justice Truth &

Accountability Sessions - EJ TAS

3-Day Workshop

plus 3/6/9/12 month AIEJ support

Emotional Justice Truth &

Accountability Sessions

Circle of Willingness -

Emotional Justice C.I.A

A 2-week E-learning course +

A 3 Day EJ TAS

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The testimonials below are from our client, the Department of Theater at Ivy League University Dartmouth after completing the EJ TAS 3 Day Workshop.

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Healthcare Cultral Competency


UK Education 


Media Diversity & Inclusion

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Cultural Diversity 

Emotional Justice Truth & Accountability Sessions

3-Day Workshop

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An Introduction to Emotional Justice

2-week E Learning course

4 hours per week.

This course introduces you to Emotional Justice.

Learn the 4 Elements that comprise Emotional Justice

Explore and engage what they mean, how to apply them, why they were created and their transformative approach to your world and your work. 

Creative and interactive assignments. Receive EJ materials: text, video, podcast

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