Emotional Justice is a visionary framework for racial healing devised and implemented by The AIEJ. It has 4 pillars. Each has a name, function and definition.


These are the 4 pillars:-

  1. Racialized Emotionality

  2. Emotional Patriarchy

  3. Emotional Currency

  4. Emotional Economy

Emotional Justice aims to heal by unpacking and dismantling a structure of Emotional Patriarchy that sustains the Emotional Economy; reassigning humanity to the interiority, and lived experience of global Black peoples. Humanizing is activism, a call to action, a process and a practice.


These systems of injustice, their legacies of untreated trauma have created a politics of emotionality.


  • reassigns humanity to the interiority and lived experience of global Black peoples

  • brings justice to the way we learn, lead, work, build, love

  • creates more harmonious institutions, communities and societies

  • reimagines emotions as universal

  • reckons with an emotionality that is harmful 

  • dismantles Emotional Patriarchy

This is our Institute’s call to continuous action.

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