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EMOTIONAL JUSTICE is a roadmap for racial healing. It’s focus is the emotional work that white and Black people need to do to end systemic inequity.  That emotional work is exploring, identifying and severing the connections in our relationship to power and race that uphold systemic inequity by unlearning the language of whiteness.


The four pillars of the language of whiteness when it comes to the emotional are:-

EJ 1 Big.jpg

  1. Racialized Emotionality

  2. Emotional Patriarchy

  3. Emotional Currency

  4. Emotional Economy

Language of Whitness - Racialized Emotionality.jpg
Element 2 of Emotional Justice.jpg
Element 3 of Emotional Justice.jpg
Element 4 of Emotional Justice.jpg

The above is what we are unlearning. We must then replace each with an Emotional Justice love language. What does that look like?

There are 4. 

Emotional Justice lOVE Language.jpg

  1. Intimate Reckoning

  2. Intimate Revolution

  3. Resistance Negotiation

  4. Revolutionary Black Grace

Element 1 EJ Love language.jpg
Element 2 EJ Love language (1).jpg
Element 3 EJ Love language.jpg
Element 4 EJ Love language.jpg

Emotional Justice connects us to the role of the emotional in oppressive systems that harm and shape us, and sustain systemic inequity.

Putting the two words together 'Emotional' and 'Justice' highlights this is about collective work, and each demographic group has its own emotional work to do.

Emotional Justice:-
- centers global Blackness
- names the power of the emotional
- identifies the toll of untreated trauma
- develops racial healing tools of path, process, practice

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