Emotional Justice is a visionary framework for racial healing. 


It is a framework developed through research, development, engagement, grassroots work  across London, Ghana, South Africa and New York over a 15 year period. 

Our research explores the intersections of emotion, race, history, systems, gender and power. 


We treat the emotional as structural, as having a pivotal role in shaping systems, and upholding systemic inequity. 


In order to change that, the role of emotion, and its particular power must be named, identified, explored and dismantled, to be replaced with an equity  an inclusivity, a justice. 


The result of that research and that focus is a framing that led to a framework - Emotional Justice.

It has four pillars, each has a name, function, definition. They are:- 

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  1. Racialized Emotionality

  2. Emotional Patriarchy

  3. Emotional Currency

  4. Emotional Economy

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Emotional Justice aims to heal by unpacking and dismantling a structure of Emotional Patriarchy that sustains the Emotional Economy; reassigning humanity to the interiority, and lived experience of global Black peoples. Humanizing is activism, a call to action, a process and a practice.


These systems of injustice, their legacies of untreated trauma have created a politics of emotionality.


  • reassigns humanity to the interiority and lived experience of global Black peoples

  • brings justice to the way we learn, lead, work, build, love

  • creates more harmonious institutions, communities and societies

  • reimagines emotions as universal

  • reckons with an emotionality that is harmful 

  • dismantles Emotional Patriarchy

This is our Institute’s call to continuous action.