Providing emotionality education in the context of Race, Gender and Culture with the Emotional Justice framework.







We envision a global community in which emotions and emotionality are understood in the context of race, gender, culture and history thereby fostering greater harmony in human relationships and heightened productivity that improves the quality of life for all. 


Across the continent of Africa, there is a call to build a more robust economy, one that utilizes the brilliance and creativity of the people and the richness of its mineral wealth in service to its own land and legacy. Across the Diaspora – in the UK, the US - there is a call for greater connection and investment in creating our own future. This is economic justice. In order to effectively build an economic justice, we must first engage and develop an emotional justice. A healthy fiscal economy requires a deep transformation of an ‘emotional economy’ from histories of untreated trauma. 


We connect the emotional and the fiscal to build a powerful, profitable future that does not privilege some, but profits all. Emotionality education expands our notion of culture.

We do that by engaging, implementing, amplifying the framework ‘EMOTIONAL JUSTICE’. Emotional Justice is engaging, tackling, confronting and healing a legacy of untreated trauma due to systems of injustice and their contemporary manifestations that shapeshift how we lead, build, live, work and learn. 



AIEJ offers education in emotionality and emotions in the context of race, culture, gender and history. Where others allude to the world of money and finance when speaking of “economy,” AIEJ instead engages “the emotional economy,” recognizing that emotions and emotionality can hinder, harm or help when understood and employed as a strategy for individual and institutional strength and not a weapon to wound.

TRAINING: Our innovative, dynamic workshops, courses, curricula and consultancy explore how emotions and emotionality shape, shield, and strengthen how we lead, build, create, organize, heal, harm, and learn from and with each other. This makes them especially invaluable for institutions wishing to enhance their Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, team-building executives, human resource professionals, life coaches, social and racial justice organizations and all whose work relies on competency in race and gender cultures. With AIEJ, we offer the Academy and international educational institutions Emotional Justice Curricula, offering fresh insight into exploring Study Abroad, History,  Economics,  Communications and Psychology.


PROJECTS: Our projects engage the creative worlds of theatre, media, the power of technology, the visual dynamism of video, and the need for campaigns in order to communicate emotions and emotionality’s power to reimagine community, to reckon with resistance, to revolutionize structures, creating processes that enable and foster healing between peoples.


THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: We create language, develop ideas and connect them to topical issues in order to communicate emotionality’s power, and the need for Emotional Justice. This is via published pieces, the Emotional Justice writing series, public speaking, a newspaper column and videos. The writing is published globally; in Ghana, New York and London via essays, chapters published in books. The Public Speaking is global with events in New York, Kenya, London, Washington DC, Chicago. 


AIEJ develops creative tools to teach the Emotional Justice framework. We harness the combined power of journalism, storytelling, theatre, video, image, music, podcast, narrative to engage, to explore, to teach, and to reimagine.


Our workshops, courses, consultancy services are offered globally via bespoke curricula.


AIEJ is a global institute. We have done work in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, New York, Chicago, and London. Our aim is to equip you and your organization with the emotionality education to successfully engage culturally, creatively, communally and professionally with others.

AIEJ targets:-

  • International education institutions

  • Community organizations

  • Institutions and NGOs focused on justice issues.


Additionally, we work with and engage:-

  • Academic institutions for Faculty across History, Media Communications, Psychology and Study Abroad

  • Corporations and Arts Institutions

  • Corporations for CSR programs

  • International NGOs

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