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Converging Pandemics: Black Life In A State of Emergency


The Future Is Emotional Justice says AIEJ Executive Director, Esther Armah at Converging Pandemics Black Live in.a State of Emergency convened by Dr Joshua Bennett and Dr Monica Ndounou, Dartmouth College



Women & Power

Omega Women’s Leadership Centre

AIEJ Executive Director brings Emotional Justice to the Omega Centre for Holistic Studies


Women & Power


Omega Women’s Leadership Centre

AIEJ Executive Director Esther Armah is an Omega Women’s Leadership Fellow.

Expanding our Notion of Culture. Emotional Justice within Diversity & Inclusion


Mandela: The Man, The Movement, and Correcting the White Gaze


All In With Chris Hayes



I Am A Man : Masculinity summit

Rev. Al Sharpton Action Network


AIEJ Executive Director Esther Armah was invited to explore Emotional Justice in the framework of Black masculinity at this July 2011 summit. On panel were also: Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Dr. L’Hereux Lewis and Cleo Manago.


“I am Queen Mother of Ghana!” said Lisa Raye, an African-American actress, philanthropist, and the former First Lady of Turks and Caicos on The Wendy Williams Show.  Raye explained on the US-television show she was using her platform to work on issues of education in Ghana, build a small school there and raise peace and awareness.  The audience cheered enthusiastically. ‘Good for you’, said Wendy Williams.

The Wendy Williams show is watched by an average of 1.6 million people daily. Raye’s ‘Queen Mother’ naming ceremony news has made global headlines, garnered controversy, and has been the focus of discussion, derision, anger, ridicule and hurt. I was in Philadelphia watching this. It was still a point of discussion when I landed back home in Accra...


“I witnessed a rape at 17 years old. The girl was 14 years, the younger sister of a friend. There were 8 to 10 guys there. I felt helpless and guilty. I did nothing. We all feared the rapist. I felt terrible. That moment is seared into my memory. This is an experience I regret to this very day. I learned to speak up. I had to unlearn silence,” says Kwesi, a Ghanaian man in an interview for #IAmUNLEARNING, a groundbreaking three-year project on African manhood and masculinity here in Ghana...

Esther has a body of work that spancs 10 years’ the following:-

Esther Armah has an EMOTIONAL JUSTICE column. This series of writings is being published in WARSCAPES. 


Beware! Statementism and Tweak-o-nomics - July 2020


‘Armed, White & Deadly; Unarmed, Black & Dead – June 2020

How To Talk About Racism In Britain - March 2020

From I Can’t Grieve to I Can’t Breathe: Black Grief Matters – July 2019

Haunted & Hunted: Emotional Justice for #TheExoneratedFive – March 2019

Jay Z 4:44 Intimate Reckoning

What Black women want and need

‘Birthdays. Legacies, Love, Leadership:

Letter to Winnie Mandela – Huffington Post

The Missionary’s Position – Huffington Post

On Boston & Violence – an Intimate Relationship – Huffington Post

Black Bodies, White Terrorism – A Global ReImagining of Forgiveness

SELMA: The Beautiful, Complicated, Connected Histories of Global Black Folk – Gawker


theSWAGspot: Intimate Public Space to Talk Love, Lessons and Legacy With Men for Men


The Other National Conversation? White Privilege


Lil Kim: Diary of a Mirror


Lupita: Black Beauty’s Intimate Revolution


Emotional Justice: On ‘Perfect’ Victims and ‘Ideal’ Predators

Esther’s essays on Emotional Justice have been published in the following books:-‘ CHARLESTON SYLLABUS: Readings on Race, Racism and Racial Violence’ Edited by Dr Chad Williams, Dr Kidada Williams and Dr Keisha Blain and BLACK COOL edited by Rebecca Walker.  

THE SPIN #smartISsexy 2019 – 2014

EAA Media Productions produces The Spin: a global podcast on Soundcloud and iTUNES. It also airs on radio stations across the US, in London, Ghana and Nigeria.


The Spin features global women of color from the worlds of Journalism, Activism, Art and Academia, exploring the world of policy, politics, power, leadership, sex.


The Spin has been recorded at NPR New York, NPR Washington, BBC Ghana.


Listen to The Spin content here:-

Join The Spin Facebook community:-


#reImaginingAFRICA on THE SPIN: May 2018

This 3-part special invites us to reimagine a Continent that centers visionary leadership of African women across the sectors: PHILANTHROPY, EDUCATION, LEADERSHIP, TECHNOLOGY in May 2018.  May 25th honors the founding of the Organization of African Unity that became the African Union.


#reImaginingAFRICA: LEADERSHIP with Lucy Quist and Taaka Awori


#reImaginingAFRICA: EDUCATION with Dr. Mary Ashun


#reImaginingAFRICA: TECHNOLOGY with Akosua Annobil and Ethel Cofie


#reImaginingAFRICA: PHILANTHROPY with Anatu Ben Lawal


AFRICAN WOMAN DAY: 2019 – 2017

July 31st is Pan-African Woman Day. It was named by the African Union in 1962, 

Dar Es Salaam. The day is set aside to celebrate African Woman. 

EAA Media Productions created and completed a three-year multi-media project marking AFRICAN WOMAN’s DAY using a mix of stills, video, podcast.

YEAR 1: 2017

#AfricanWomanDay: Discussion & Video



Executive Producer: EAA Media Productions 

Host: Anita Erskine

Contributor: Toun Okenwale Sonaiya - CEO WFM91.7

Contributor: Jessica Horn - Programmes Director AWDF

Contributor: Nafisa Mohammed and Hawawu Suleimana -  Zongo Muslim women in the world of Media

Music from: Wiyala, Miriam Makeba, Angelique Kujo, 

YEAR 2: 2018

#AfricanWomanDay: Podcast & PhotoShoot




YEAR 3: 2019

#AfricanWomanDay: Social Media Campaign


#IAmBecomingGH: Ghana 2019

Inspired by USA Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s best-selling book ‘BECOMING’, we organized an event ‘theLword’: and gathered women in Ghana from myriad sectors to reimagine leadership. From there, we created this video project, in answer to Michelle Obama’s call to women globally: WHO ARE YOU BECOMING?


African Women in Media Conference: KENYA 2019

EAA Media Productions was a Panelist on the ‘From #MeToo to #TimesUpGH Sexual Harassment  & Global Movements’ panel featuring journalists and organizations from Kenya, America, Ghana and Tanzania.  #AWiM19 partners with The African Union to hold an annual conference bringing together African women in media.


#16DaysOfActivism : Africa’s Media Houses, 2019

#TimesUpAfriMedia was the multi-media campaign led by EAA Media Productions in partnership with collectives, coalitions, journalists in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania for the annual United Nations #16DaysOfActivism focused on gender-based violence. The campaign focus: call out sexual harassment in Africa’s media houses, highlight the impact of sexual harassment on the industry, on progress, and on reporting.


EAA Media Productions partnered with Media Council of Kenya, Association of Women in Media Kenya (AMWiK); Biola Alabi Media Nigeria; African Women in Media (AWiM); and Tanzania Women in Media and Public Relations Professionals (TWMPR).






International Day of the GIRLCHILD: Ghana 2017

‘state of the ZONGO MUSLIM GIRL CHILD in EDUCATION’ is the 90 minute live, radio discussion special organized and produced by EAA Media Productions for the UN’s International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October. It aired on Starr FM103.5, Accra.


It featured a panel of Muslim young women aged 18 – 30 discussing the challenges, influences, issues, barriers to Education in their Community. In Ghana, Zongo Muslim Girls and women are the marginalized of the marginalized. 



reimagine: stories, standards, sex' is the two-year Media Summit created by EAA Media Productions, and held at Webster University. This industry-wide, interactive, debut media summit had a specific focus on gender and the reporting of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) by the industry, as well as sexual harassment within the industry. Panelists and attendees were Journalists (TV, Radio, Online, Print), Editors, Camerapersons, Producers, Communications Students, Hosts, and Media Communications faculty. 

2016: Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV): Reporting It, Experiencing It, Naming and Narrative

2017: Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV): The Power and Peril of Online Reporting

International Day of Action Against Illicit Drug Taking : Ghana, 2017

Ghana Drug Reform Policy was explored for the June 2017 International Day of Action Against Illicit Drug Taking. EAA Media Productions led a global team that featured West Africa Drug Policy Network; West African Civil Society Institute, Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA) and produced a multi-media project of radio discussions, visual graphics and in print articles.


EAA Media Productions produced 5 x 1 HOUR specials on Drug Reform Policy in Ghana.

Executive Producer: EAA Media Productions

Host: Moro Awudu


#finePRINTfriday : Ghana, 2017 to 2018

This one-year visual conversation project was a celebration and discussion of African print, fabric as identity, heritage, history, status, aesthetic and community. It mixed video, stills and podcasts. #finePRINTfriday was in partnership with Class FM radio station, Accra. It featured African print scholars alongside designers, buyers and fashionistas. The discussion aired on Class FM Radio, Accra and ABN Radio UK, the still images were featured across social media – on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Every Friday in Ghana, we rock print. EAA Media Productions has engaged that day to create this visual conversation project. 

ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Rock your print, snap a selfie, post it/tweet it/IG it with the hashtag, your name and your location in the world. 

ON AIR: ACCRA - tune in to Class 91.3FM 8.10am for discussions with Cultural Historians, Fashion Designers. Artists, Politicians, Celebrities

ON AIR: LONDON - tune in to ABN Radio UK 9.10am. #finePRINTfriday is an internationally syndicated radio segment on air in ACCRA & LONDON.

PODCAST: check out #podcastGHANA for #finePRINTfriday discussions. 

Follow #finePRINTfriday on IG. 

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EAA Media Productions engaged and developed Theatre as a Creative Tool to deliver and explore Emotional Justice ideas to global audiences.


August 2018



Written & Directed by Esther Armah

Featuring: Pearl Korkey Darkey

Featuring: Kwaku Ankomah

Accra’s British Council is transformed into a black box theatre.


March 2014 & October 2011


Written by Esther Armah

Directed by Passion

Dwyer Cultural Center, Manhattan & etaCREATIVE ARTS, Chicago.

Post-perfromance discussion: Lynn Nottage - Pulitzer-Prize winner; Marc Lamont Hill – BET & CNN Commentator; Moderator – Zerlina Maxwell – MSNBC Commentator


June 2009

Forgive Me?

Written by: Esther Armah

Directed by: Trezana Beverley

Featuring: Beverley Prentice

Featuring: Gilbert Glenn

Manhattan International Theater Festival & Dwyer Cultural Center


June 2009


Written by Esther Armah

Directed by: Petronia Paley

Dwyer Cultural Center

New York



Written by Esther A Armah

The Roger Furman Play-reading Series


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