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EAA Media Productions Founding Director is Esther A. Armah. Esther lives in Accra, Ghana.


Esther is an international award winning multi-media journalist who has worked in Europe, America and Africa. As a journalist, she has lived, worked and travelled to London, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Lesotho.


In Ghana, Esther is a Media Communications Lecturer, a columnist for one of Ghana’s Leading newspapers and a weekly commentator on two of Ghana’s leading English language radio stations.

MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS LECTURER – Webster University Ghana Campus

COLUMNIST – B&FT – Business and Financial Times

COMMENTATOR – Starr FM’s Morning Starr and Class FM’s World AffairsGH.


Esther lived and worked in New York for 8 years.  She was a multi media journalist working across radio, television, print and theatre. Esther was a Commentator on television, a writer for multiple publications on social justice issues, a politics of emotionality and a playwright who wrote four plays all of which were produced on stage in New York and one in New York and Chicago.


Host of WBAI99.5FM Wake Up Call on Pacifica Radio. Armah won The Nation’s Most Valuable NYC Radio Host for the 2012 Progressive Honor Roll for her work hosting this morning show.


Esther was a radio documentary maker for BBC Radio and BBC Television.

She worked as a presenter, producer and researcher for the following.

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